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What is an Ideal Customer Profile?

What is an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)? And why should I care?

So you just licensed Leadspace and now you have to create an Ideal Customer Profile. You’re probably thinking: “Wait, what did I just buy? I don’t remember hearing about an Ideal Customer Profile.”

Believe it or not, the Ideal Customer Profile is at the basis of the Leadspace predictive analytics platform. Simply put, it’s the name we’ve given the model that is used to enrich, score and discover leads and accounts.

So how does it work?

It depends - we’re not saying that to confuse you, but we take pride in our “white box” modeling methods and build Ideal Customer Profiles based on your needs.

To build your Ideal Customer Profiles, we complement a machine learning model with your subjective inputs. By giving us those attributes that comprise your ideal customers (demographics, firmographics, etc.), we use those attributes as a starting point to build out a semantic model -- that’s a fancy term for saying we translate your input into every variation of what that attribute could mean and other attributes that may be related. We’re going “beyond the business card” to bring you more intelligence on your ideal customers.

Versus making this a long-winded description, this visual should help:


What does the ICP have to do with discovery, segmentation and enrichment?

Everything. We discover net new leads and accounts based on how they fit an ICP. Our customers leads in their marketing automation and database refreshses against an ICP. And we enrich against an ICP as well -- this last one can be a bit confusing. If you think about all of those technologies, job functions and other attributes that we can enrich individuals and companies against, the list is infinite. By having an ICP, that gives Leadspace a more focused set of attributes to make sure we’re bringing in the data and intelligence that matters to you.

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