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What is Leadspace API service?

Q: What is Leadspace API service?

The LS API integration is an enrichment service for systems that know how to generate API calls like SFDC and Pardot.

This integration is built from by a developer on the customer's side, which customizes the integration to the customer's requirements. 

Q: Which integration would be best for us - The single or bulk API integration?

When considering which integration suits you best, there are two criteria you should take into account:

  • Velocity.
  • The number of API calls.

In Single API integration, the system processes one record (lead) per one API call. In Bulk API integration, the system processes up to 500 records in one API.
The amount of time that will take to enrich a single lead will be significantly lower than a few hundred (bulk).

For an immediate enrichment on a lead that was created in your CRM, we would recommend having a Single API integration, which provides the data from Leadspace faster (assuming the number of API calls is not limited in your system).

If the number of API calls is an issue, and there is a limitation on your system (for example, usually SFDC limits some of their customers up to 100 API calls a day), we would recommend using the Bulk API integration.


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