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Salesforce: Creating Your Leadspace Custom Fields

This article will cover how to install and setup the Leadspace Integration App in order to create your Leadspace designated custom fields in your Salesforce instance.




File used to upload data from the ‘Integration Panel’ tab:

  • Only file provided by the Leadspace integration team will we be accepted when uploaded through the panel
  • Should have ‘xlsx’ extension.
  • Must have a minimum of three sheets, with ‘Standard Field Mappings Example’ sheet before the ‘Custom Field Mappings Example’ sheet and ‘Validation’ sheet(hidden) being in the first place.
  • The ‘Validation’ column for standard and custom mapping should not be empty and should contain either ‘TRUE’ or ‘FALSE’.

 File content

The file should not be missing any data in the following columns (For ‘Custom Field Mappings Example’ sheet).

  • Column 1: Object (Can be only ‘Account’, ‘Contact’ or ‘Lead’).
  • Column 2: Salesforce Field Name (API) (Should always end with ‘__c’).
  • Column 5: Field Label (Should not be left blank).
  • Column 7: Type (Can be only ‘Text’ or ‘Number’, Should not be left blank).
  • Column 12: Section Name (Can be only ‘Enriched Company Fields, ‘Lead Scoring Fields’ or ‘Enriched Person Fields’ and should not be left blank.)

 Guideline for Create Fields Screen

 Create field screen

  • DO NOT refresh the page using browser’s address bar (Click and Enter).
  • Once ‘Create Fields’ button is clicked DO NOT click the ‘Integration Panel Tab (This will take you to upload screen)’.
  • Once the create field request has been received (User will know through pop up) DO NOT upload any file from the Integration Panel Tab or by any means at all until the created fields are assigned to their respective page layouts from the ‘Page Layout Screen’.


  • Field creation time will be depending upon the complexity of the Salesforce organization in which you will be installing the APP. Sometimes there will be batch running in the system. So there might be possibilities that our process will get into queued and will take more time than estimated.
  • Adding fields that already exists in the layout will show error--Field: field, value:LS_Status__c appears more than once.
  • Session setting - In Quick Search, type "Session Settings" and make sure the "Force logout on session timeout" option is unchecked.
  • You'll need to set two remote settings: 
    • https://ls-intgapp.<Your org instance>
      • For example: if your org URL is "" then the remote site setting will be ""
    • https://<Your org instance>
      • For example: if your org URL is "" then the remote site setting will be ""

Estimated time

  • If you are creating 200 custom fields and there are around 30 profiles in your salesforce Organisation then it will take 10-20 minutes on average. This estimation is based on the condition that no other batch is running simultaneously in your salesforce org.
  • API requests: For a bulk of 200 custom fields to create and add their visibility to all profiles (30) and adding them to page layout will need around 11000 API request, this number may increase if the application is used multiple times.
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