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Leadspace Enrichment Panel

Updating Leads in the Leadspace Enrichment Panel

The Leadspace Enrichment Panel allows users to perform one-off enrichment's on leads and contacts.


What can you do with the LeadspaceEnrichment Panel?

  • View person level information including title, level, job functions, products and technologies, expertise, persona model scores, and best fit persona model
  • View company firmographic data on all four site levels including Leadspace Matched, Site, Domestic Ultimate, and Global Ultimate
  • Update records in Salesforce and populate fields with Leadspace information

How does it work?

The lead and contact panels have two default actions:

  • PERSON - Find out more about <Person Name>
  • COMPANY - Find out more about <Company Name>


The account panel has only one default action:

  • COMPANY - Find out more about <Company Name>



  • Clicking into either the Person or Company sections enables the user to find out more about the Lead, Contact, and Account, as well as update with relevant Leadspace information.
  • In the case where there are insufficient credits to run an enrichment through Leadspace, a pop up message will appear stating No Credits Remaining
  • For optimal enrichment results, it is best that leads/contacts have a first name, last name, company name, and email as initial input.  In the event that the person input data is invalid to run an enrichment, a message will appear stating that Leadspace was unable to run an enrichment based on the information provided.


Person Level Information


  • The top section of the panel displays relevant person level details
  • The left vertical panel displays relevant person information including
    • First and Last name
    • Job title and Company Name
    • Fit score - the highest fit score (company and person based on profile)
      • In the case when the total score is equivalent to 0 or -1, the total score will read "No fit to available profiles"
    • Best fit profile - profile name that provides the highest fit score
    • LinkedIn Profile link
    • Contact details
      • Person Phone
      • Person Email
      • Person location (country, state, and city)
  • The right side of the panel displays the relevant person signals including
    • Department
    • Level
    • Top Job Functions
    • Top Products and Technologies

Company Firmographics



  • The bottom section of the Leadspace Enrichment Panel displays the company information of the account associated with the lead or contact
  • Within the Company section, the left vertical panel displays the Leadspace Matched data of the account.  This is what Leadspace has determined to be the best matched company or “Buying Center”, based on AI powered analytics, social information, and legal and territory company structure.  On this panel, Leadspace will display the following information when available:
    • Company name
    • Company LinkedIn page
    • Company phone
    • Company address (street, city, state, zipcode, country)
    • Company website
    • Leadspace Company ID
  • The right horizontal panel displays company firmographics of all other related hierarchy levels including: 
    • Global Ultimate:  Registered Legal entity that is the global headquarters of the company.
    • Domestic Ultimate:  National level Headquarters office.
    • Site Level:  Specific locations or small offices, represents the smallest possible entity we were able to associate with the input
    • Click here to find out more about the different hierachy levels Leadspace can provide
    • The company tree is interactive.  Users may navigate between the different hierarchy levels by clicking into them
    • Each Hierarchy Level displays data on the following:
      • Company Name
      • Leadspace ID
      • Company Phone
      • Company Address
      • Revenue Exact and Range
      • NAICS and SIC
  • Below the company tree, you'll find additional information pertaining to the company including Top Technologies, Top Expertise, and the Company Description 

Updating Records in Salesforce

  • Clicking the Update Salesforce Record button within the panel opens a popup which enables you to select all mapped fields that you would like to populate with Leadspace information


  • By default, all mapped fields are automatically selected.  The user can scroll through the list of fields, and de-select the fields they do not wish to update with Leadspace data.




  • The popup can be closed by clicking on the Cancel button.  Select fields will not be affected then.
  • If all fields are up to date, the update function is disabled and the popup will read "All fields are up to date"
  • It is important to note that enrichment updates through the panel occur at the Lead and Contact level only.  To update account level data, a Salesforce process flow can be set up to automatically append Contact data to the Account object.  Click here to find out more about how this flow can be set up within your Salesforce.

Enrichment Panel Additional Help

If at any time you require additional information while using the panel, you can always click the Enrichment Panel Help button at the top right corner of the panel which will walk you through each detail of the panel.



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