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Audience Data Management Scoping Session Overview

Leadspace Audience Data Management Scoping Overview


Leadspace Audience Management Platform applies advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to a complete data management solution for your accounts, leads and contacts. We integrate most of the major B2B data sources and real time web search into our data management platform, and integrate into the main Sales & Marketing platforms.


The below document outlines the topics we will cover in our scoping session together to ensure we understand your use cases and data flows in full, and that you are equipped with the information and best practices you need to ensure a successful start to our partnership.


The below diagram outlines the Leadspace process to successfully create and deploy an effective Data Management Solution: 

During the 2-hour scoping session we will cover and discuss the following 9 topics in 3 tracks:


Below are the questions that will guide the scoping discussion.

Use Case Alignment & Measurement

Marketing & Sales Use Cases Overview

  1. What are the key fields you segment or route based on – or want to?
  2. Of the relevant use cases, how is it done today in your organization (if currently activated)?
  1. What internal deadlines for implementing these use cases should we be aware of?
  2. Are we replacing an existing technology or workflow?
  3. How are your accounts segmented and assigned across your salesforce?
  4. What level of the account hierarchy do you roll your accounts up to for assignment?  (Domestic Ultimate for example)
  5. Do you have account hierarchies currently set up in SFDC?  If so, how many levels and what do you call these (Parent, Ultimate Parent, etc.)


Determining KPIs

  1. What are your existing benchmarks that you are looking to improve on?
  2. How are you measuring these benchmarks today? (SFDC or MA reports, etc.)


Data Activation Scenarios

Data Workflows

  1. Where does the routing and segmentation happen – in MA or CRM?
  2. Where will the data be activated: Marketing Automation or CRM?
  3. Who own the creation of these rules & triggers?
  4. Is the association of leads to accounts done in CRM, marketing automation, or 3rd party tool?
  5. What does account creation look like – do you create new accounts from leads?

Data Objects


  1. We will require the account file to be exported and imported in order to do the refresh. Who owns the account file in your organization?
  2. Who will own triggers or process flows in your CRM?
  3. For an account enrichment, we will require Company Name, Website and Location. Are these fields available on your account records and how comfortable are you with the data that is there today?
  4. Additionally, for an enrichment, we would ask that you include your key fields for routing and segmentation in the input file so that we can show the ’lift’ we give in the enriched file.



  1. Only required when doing a refresh. Who owns the contact file?



  1. Most often an initial refresh of a lead file is done offline due to the high API calls this refresh would consume. We will require the lead file to be exported and imported in order to append the data.  Who owns the lead file in your organization?
  2. The fields required for an enrichment are First Name, Last Name, Email and Company Name. Are these fields available on your lead records and how comfortable are you with the data that is there today?


Activation Logic

Marketing Activation Use Cases

  1. What will ‘good’ look like in regard to the activation of the data?  (for example, revenue appended and pushed to standard fields when blank to enable routing to sales)
  2. How the data will be activated:
    • Overwrite or populate when blank?
    • Add LS fields to existing rules & flows
    • Create new rules & flows based on LS fields
  3. How do you want to treat contacts or leads that are marked as moved in a refresh? (Will you want to mark as moved and create new or append to new account/create new account?
  4. If you do segmentation or want to start, do you have personas defined?
  5. Is the association of leads to accounts done in CRM, marketing automation, or 3rd party tool?
  6. Who will won the activation in marketing automation of these use cases?


Sales Activation Use Cases

  1. How does your account planning & assignment look today?
  2. Ownership of the data activation rules and process flows in CRM
  3. Key team that rely on the above flows, intros and training


Architecture & Integration Plan


Integration Plan

  • Overview of our integration process and key players required


Value Mapping & Validation

Leadspace offers value mapping for the following picklist fields, to be discussed on the call:

  • Revenue Ranges
  • Employee Size Ranges
  • Person Level (Manager, VP, etc.)
  • Department
  • Industries & Sub industries
  • State & Country



  1. What validation rules are in place today (MA or CRM)?
  2. Are there any process that is invoked by sales ops or any other business unit that will affect how the data is presented?


Testing & Reporting

Post Go-Live Testing

  • What testing is planned
  • Suggested additions to test plan based on today’s conversation
  • Leadspace Custom Reports (Tableau, Excel)
  • Recommended Reports from the Leadspace Support Portal & Additional Requirements
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