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Value Mapping & SFDC/Marketing Automation Field Selection

The Leadspace Value Mapping Options enable you to take some of our standard picklist fields and make them more custom for your business and use case.  The following fields can be mapped to your picklists:

Leadspace Picklist Fields:

  1. Company Size Range
  2. Company Revenue Range
  3. Person Level:  VP, Manager, Staff, etc.
  4. Person Department
  5. Company Industry & Sub Industry
  6. State, Country (mapping full name to 2-letter or 3-letter abbreviation)

For a more detailed overview of how to go about the Value Mapping portion of onboarding, please review this document.

For a full list of the picklist values please refer to this article.

When it comes to deciding which of the Leadspace fields you would like to take, our recommendation is always to take them all, and then work with your Customer Success Manager on which fields to expose to which teams.  This path will mean that if you later decide you want something that wasn't initially taken, the historical data is there for you to use.

Attached to this article is the list of fields that are available, with a description.  Following the scoping call, your Customer Success Manager will be able to guide you in which fields to take if you do decide you'd like to take only a subset.

Also attached to this document is a slightly more in-depth explanation of some of the key fields.


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