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In the second week of onboarding, we will begin your integrations.  The integration we will do first is Salesforce (providing you want to integrate with Salesforce) as the field creation process will start here, and then these fields will be synced to your Marketing Automation.  It is most common to integrate into a sandbox first, and then push to production once testing is completed.  



For our Salesforce integration we have 3 packages:

  1. Leadspace Field Creation & Reporting Package
  2. Leadspace Enrichment Panel Package
  3. Leadspace Lead to Account Matching Package

For more information on what the Leadspace Enrichment Panel does and how it works, you can find an article here

For more information on what the Leadspace Lead to Account Matching Panel you can find an article here


Marketing Automation:

Leadspace has native integrations with Marketo, Eloqua and Hubspot.  The integration documentation for the three platforms can be found in the articles below:

  1. Marketo Integration
  2. Eloqua Integration
  3. Hubspot Integration


Leadspace Custom API:

Leadspace has both a single and bulk REST API that can be built on. Information on integrating with the API can be found here.






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