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Automated Parent Account Tagging

The following links are a playlist of 3 video tutorials, walking through the creation of an automated mechanism to use the Leadspace IDs to tag child accounts with their respective parent using build-in functionalities.


Video 1 - "Parent Account Tagging Background" - Background to the mechanism, what is parent account field? why should you want to automate parent account tagging, a review of the process components, as well as considerations and alternative methods.


Video 2 - "Tag Parent Flow" - Provides a full walkthrough on creating the flow that would conduct the query to find the best matching parent in your CRM, in addition to tagging the child with its parent accounts.


Video 3 - "Process Builder" - Walkthrough to complete the mechanism, by creating the process builder setup that would consequently invoke the flow we created on video #2.


Prerequisites -

  1. admin access.
  2. Full integration of Leadspace SLM (Site Level Matching) fields.
  3. Automation of account enrichment, or a quarterly or bi-annually refresh cadence for manual imports.
  4. Indexed LSID fields - if you wish to do so - contact your salesforce support. It is a common process that usually takes several days to complete, and is done by


Please consider -

  1. For performance reasons, if you have an account db of more than 200,000, we do not recommend setting up process builder flows. The preferred method would be Apex Triggers. Please contact us if you wish to create this flow in an apex format.
  2. It goes without saying really, but still, never implement processes and flows without testing and trying them completely on a full copy sandbox. It is the only 100% safe way to introduce process changes to your CRM.


As always, please contact, or your CSM, with any questions regarding this process.


Click on the links above or below to watch the videos, be sure to click and enable flash: Leadspace Parent Account Tagging

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