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Leadspace Lead To Account Matching Panel

Leadspace Lead To Account Matching Panel

Leadspace’s Lead to Account Matching Panel allows customers to understand the relationships between their accounts, optimize the way inbound leads are handled, and enable a more effective sales process.  It is split into two functional panels:  The Related Accounts Panel and the Related Leads Panel.


Related Accounts Panel

The Related Accounts panel enables customers to identify other leads in their database that are associated with a parent, child, or same account within their database by identifying accounts that have matching Site, Leadspace Matched, Domestic Ultimate (DU), or Global Ultimate (GU) Leadspace ID.   As such, Leadspace can identify duplicate accounts and streamline customer’s current data set.  It also allows customers to view key insights about these related accounts including owner, company size, billing city, creation date, and includes the ability to convert the account directly through the panel. 



Related Leads Panel

The Related Leads panel enables customers to identify other leads that work for that exact company, or for a related company in that organizational tree. Customers can utilize this capability to assign leads based on company hierarchy and therefore optimize their lead routing capabilities.  Many leads should be treated differently based on whether they are customers, target buyers, or affiliates of existing customers.  Knowing these relationships will enable customers to treat their leads differently and more effectively, yielding better chances of success.  Additionally, the Related Leads panel allows customers to view other key insights pertaining to those related leads including person name, title, company name, owner, source, and status.



Using the Lead To Account Matching Panel

There are several ways the Leadspace Lead to Account Matching panel can be used to streamline and optimize sales processes.  This article will detail ways to utilize the L2AM panel from the perspectives of the primary target users:  the SDR and the Account Owner. 

Using the L2AM Panel from the SDR’s Perspective

The Lead to Account Matching panel enables SDR users to not only view related leads, but also allows them to convert those leads to their correct accounts directly within the panel.  Furthermore, it allows SDR’s to associate leads that may contain different inputs with the same account.  For example, if two incoming leads are part of the Nike, Inc organization but entered their company in different ways (Nike and Nike Inc), the Lead to Account Matching panel will let the SDR identify this association despite the dirty input. 

Using the L2AM Panel from the Account Owner’s Perspective

Account owners can use the Lead to Account Matching panel to manage the relationships between their accounts by seeing how other companies may relate to their account.  They can use the Related Accounts panel to identify their accounts as part of a larger entity, or simply to keep an eye on related companies that may be potential future accounts that they might want to reach out to.  Additionally, if an account owner finds that they do not have enough contacts within their account, they can use the Relate Leads panel to see other potential leads in their database that they can reach out to.


To learn more about how to set up the Leadspace Lead To Account Matching panel, click here


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