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Offline Data Reviews (Data Management Solution)

By week 3, we are starting into the first iteration of your offline data enrichment reviews.  Often we will start by enriching the account file first, and your customer success manager will present to you in your first review call some of the key statistics around match rate (how many times we could populate) on the key fields that you route and segment on.  

As you take a look at the enriched files for the first time, the following articles can help with understanding what more about our enrichment service and data fields:


  1. What is an offline enrichment? 
  2. Guide to key Leadspace enrichment fields
  3. All enrichment fields, with Salesforce field names
  4. What the persona scores mean in an enrichment


 Also please find here a FAQ on best practices for uploading the files:  Salesforce - Best Way To Upload Results File

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