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Persona Reviews

In week 3 we will be reviewing the first iteration of the personas that have been created.  The best way to review the effectiveness of the personas when it comes to segmentation or targeting is to review a set of leads.

For segmentation personas, we will take a set of 1000 leads and score these against your different personas. For this exercise we will be reviewing the 'best fit' score to ensure that the leads do in fact best fall into that particular persona.  At times a lead can fall equally in two or more personas, or be more accurately categorized differently than the initial results.  The persona review is to identify these instances and make tweaks to the logic behind the personas so that they best perform in line with how your business views them.


For net new personas, we will take a set of your known accounts and bring back leads that match each of the personas in each of the accounts so you can get a sense of the types of leads (and titles more specifically) these personas will return.  We'll review some of these to get a sense for what is and is not a good lead against the persona, then making tweaks to adjust as necessary.

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