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Data Activation: Data Management Solution

Once you are integrated, it's time to put the core data activation workflows in place.  These workflows most often happen in either a customer's Marketing Automation, CRM, or both.  Below are the key activation flows from our Best Practices section that we would recommend including in your activation strategy:


For using Leadspace in your standard fields for the purposes of adding to (not overwriting):


Salesforce:  Append Leadspace Data When A Field Is Blank

Marketo: Append Leadspace Data To Standard Fields When Blank

Eloqua: How To Push Leadspace CDO Data To Standard Contact Fields


A standard process we recommend is setting up an automated database refresh through your marketing automation webbook, and then setting up a process in Salesforce to automatically create a new contact in the new account when a record is flagged as 'moved':


Marketo: Setting up an ongoing database refresh

Salesforce: Automating Creation of Contacts When 'Moved' 


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