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Salesforce: Testing Your New Leadspace Integration

Once you have completed your Leadspace Integration on your Salesforce platform, you may leverage the 100 free test credits designated to you by your Leadspace team to test your new enrichment flow.  As a reminder, these test credits are free of charge and do not come out of your contract.

You may do this through the Leadspace enrichment panel on your Lead and Contact pages. 

To update your new custom fields with Leadspace data, click "Update Record in Salesforce" within the panel. 


This opens a popup which enables you to select all mapped fields that you would like to populate with Leadspace information


By default, all mapped fields are automatically selected.  Here you can scroll through the list of fields, and de-select the fields you do not wish to update with Leadspace data.  Once you are ready to update your custom Leadspace fields with Leadspace information, click the "Update selected fields" button.


A message will appear with the total number of fields that will be updated with new Leadspace information. Click "Update".


You should now be able to see your new Leadspace information populating in your custom fields.


It is important to note that enrichment updates through the panel occur at the Lead and Contact level only. To update account level data, a Salesforce process flow can be set up to automatically append Contact data to the Account object.  Click here to find out more about how this flow can be set up within your Salesforce.

Once you approve of the look and feel of your new fields, your CSM can get you set up with your real contract credits.

Below are a couple of potential issue examples to look out for while testing:

  • Are you receiving any internal server problem messages? If so, this would indicate an issue with the integration setup.
  • Are any newly created LS custom fields not populating when they should be? If so, this would indicate an issue with the field mapping. Please note, that Leadspace may not be able to find 100% of all field data.  If, however, the field is blank for an unusually large volume of leads, this may indicate a missing field mapping.

  • Are any of your picklists misaligned with the default Leadspace picklists provided? If so, this would indicate an issue with the value mapping. (for more information on Leadspace picklists and value mapping, click here

If you experience any of the above issues, please contact Leadspace Support at with screenshots of the issue and, if possible, try answering the following questions:

  1. Try enriching a different lead/contact.  Does the issue happen with every lead and contact you attempt to enrich?  Or just one or a select few?
  2. Try going into Incognito mode in your browser and enrich the lead/contact again.  Does the issue still occur?
  3. Try clearing all your cookies and browser history.  Does the issue still occur?

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