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Marketo: Auto Append Leadspace Data To Standard Fields Using The Leadspace Interactive Tutorial

Setting up an automated mechanism to append Leadspace data to standard fields is a common method being used by many Leadspace customers. 

The following article details the steps to setting up a campaign that will populate customer standard fields with Leadspace data, only when the standard fields are empty.

The logic of the campaign is as follows:

After the lead is being enriched by Leadspace, the LS Status field change triggers the append campaign. adding some basic filters:
1. Exclude leads that weren't successfully enriched.
2. Exclude "moved" leads. 
3. Exclude leads for which we were unable to find specific data elements.

To begin the interactive tutorial that will walk through the DB Refresh set up, click the Leadspace App in the bottom left hand corner of your Marketo screen


This will initiate a Leadspace help screen in which you can select the flow you wish to set up.  In this case, click "Auto Append Leadspace Data to Standard Fields".


The tutorial will then guide through the entire DB Refresh setup process, step-by-step, starting with sending you to Marketing Activities:



First, we will need to create a new Smart Campaign.  The interactive tutorial will autofill the campaign name to "Append Leadspace Data to Standard Field"


In the Smart List tab, the interactive tutorial will walk you through adding the following filters:

LS System Status "Not Contains" Error:  Filters out any leads that were not enriched by Leadspace

LS Verified "Is Not" Moved:  Filters out leads that are no longer with the original company input

LS Company "Is Not Empty":  Filters out leads in which Leadspace was unable to find specific data for


 In the Flow tab, the interactive tutorial will walk you through adding the "Change Data Value" flow step in which you will select your key routing standard field you want to update.  Then you will instruct the flow step to update that field with the value of the corresponding LS custom field, denoted by {{lead. LS Field Name}}


In the following example, this campaign is appending the Leadspace Company Size field (from the lead), {{lead.Enriched Company size}}, to the standard Number of Employees field when the the standard field is empty



Finally, in the Schedule tab, set the Qualification Rules to "Every Time" and Click Activate.


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