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Salesforce: Leadspace Email validation activation

In the following tutorial, we will examine the ways in which our customers can leverage Leadspace’s ability to validate your input email address, and provide a new one in case the input address is invalid.


Please note that this tutorial specifically refers to the use case when the lead is not tagged as moved. For moved record activation tutorial please click here.


First, let’s quickly review the components, fields, and values we will be using:

LS Fields and Values:

  1. LS Verified -  may contain one of the following:
    • Verified - Leadspace was able to find a recent social record indicating the person is still working for this company.
    • Not Verified - there weren’t any conclusive social evidence to determine the person’s current employment.
    • Moved - Leadspace was able to definitively determine that this person is no longer working for the company you have them at.
  2. LS Original Email Verification: may contain one of the following:
    • Valid - Leadspace pinged the actual inbox that you have provided as input, and was able to get a response. This means that the address you provided is extremely unlikely to bounce back.
    • Unknown - mainly due to reasons of restriction to external ping, on the input address’ email server - our ping was unsuccessful. However, it does not mean that the email address will bounce back necessarily.
    • Invalid - we have received a response stating that the email you provided does not exist
  3. LS Person (lead\Contact) Email - will contain a verified email address leadspace was able to find for the person
  4. fields to use in this process:
    • Any and all bounce back flag you may have
    • A secondary email address field (optional)

Important Notes

  1. It is always advised to create these processes on sandbox first.
  2. If you are enriching more than 10k records p/d on average, it may be better to work using direct apex triggers, rather than process builder flows
  3. This tutorial would present the flow on the lead object. The same needs to be done for contact enrichment.
  4. Please make sure that your use of the email addresses follows the laws of your applicable jurisdictions.


Process flow steps

in your salesforce environment - go to setup> create > workflow & approvals >  process builder

Create a new process:


Select lead or contact object, and set to run when a record is changed or edited.


Click "Add criteria" and use the LS original email verification as trigger. Also, make sure that the criteria DOES NOT contain leads that are tagged as "Moved" ('LS Verified <> Moved')


Click "Add Action" and choose to update the record the process starts with.





Set criteria as specified below - here we will be replacing old email data with Leadspace's and tag the email address as valid.


use leadspace's email to replace the input email, or alternatively, paste leadspace’s email to a secondary email field. In addition, you may indicate that the email is valid, by using any email validation checkbox fields you may have


hit save, click "add action" once more (at the same box as the previous) and set the following, for cases where leadspace was unable to find a valid email address, but we did find that the one you provided is invalid, thus should not be contacted further. you may use any internal fields you have that note the fact that an email address is invalid




Final process layout should look like the one below:


Activate the process.

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