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Targeted Lead Lists

What is a Targeted List?

It’s a List of Leads generated based on your Ideal Customer Profile. This list can be run using the analyst team or through the App. Below you will find step-by-step Instructions on how to build out your own Targeted List.

What you can do with a targeted list:

  • Search for leads within accounts you already know
  • Find net-new leads in accounts you don’t already know
  • Generate thousands of leads from various accounts in a single search
  • Discover numerous fields of appended information on each lead (Contact Details, Social Signals, Online presence, Company Firmographics)
  • Scored Individuals based on their match to your Ideal Customer Profile
  • Easily Segment and Prioritize these leads by various classifiers

Lists Menu

Click lists and you’ll be brought to a drop down menu. Now you can:
Click on an old list you have already created to download it or create a new targeted list.

There are two types of lists we can create: Targeted Lists and Account Lists.
To create a Targeted List you should choose “Leads”, and then name your List (appears in yellow below).
To create an Account List, you should choose “Companies” (in green below)

Here we will continue to develop a Targeted List (here is the Account list scenario)

Searching for Leads

Once you have named your Targeted List, you will be brought to this next page:

If you want to find Leads within specific accounts, click upload company list (in orange in the screenshot above) in the format specified which we will go over in the next few steps.

If you want to create a list of leads within companies you do not necessarily know, click “Search for Companies.” (In teal in the image above)

Upload a Company List - When uploading a Company List to search for Leads, you must upload a CSV file that follows this specific format.

Column A is the only required field. The column must contain the Company Name that you are interested in populating leads for. Any other column (especially column B), although not mandatory, will greatly assist in identifying and refining the best possible information regarding the required company.

Company Criteria

If you don’t have specific companies to search within, we can narrow down your targeted leads by defining specific firmographic criteria that the accounts must exhibit.
For example, if you knew for a fact that your product could only be sold to companies who make $50m and above this would be the page to input this information. 


After specifying the firmographic criteria you’re interested in finding within these accounts we have created a matchable universe.

In this example, there are 320 companies in which we can search for leads. This means that in total you have 320 companies you could potentially populate with leads.

The next step is Person Criteria - 

  • Choose the relevant Ideal Customer Profile – all the leads that are populated will match this specific profile and have the relevant job functions and titles.
  • Person location? What is the location you would like to find the person at?
  • Are the contact details mandatory? This relates to your matchable universe. How many leads could potentially be found? You want to ensure that all your leads have contact details.

List Options

This page will allow you to control how many leads per company are returned, total credit expenditure, quality of the leads, and lead suppression.

  • Quality – Individuals with person score of 70 and above
  • Balanced – Individuals with a person score of 50 and above
  • Quantity – Individuals with a person score of 30 and above

More detailed information about this selection can be found - Targeted List Quality, Balanced, And Quantity Options. If you'd like to learn more about the scores, this article might provide more information - What Do The Person Scores Mean In An Enrichment?

Project Summary

This is a breakdown summary of your criteria that you have established for your targeted list. If any of this information is not as you’d want it, simply click the specific section you’d like to change, and you’ll be returned to that area.

If you are happy with this criteria, click submit, and depending on the size of the list it will be returned within a matter of minutes or up to an hour for a very large list (thousands of names).

Retrieving List Results

Get back to the main page for Leadspace, and now click Lists again, but rather than creating a New Targeted List, you’ll see that your completed list will be waiting for you in the highlighted area. Simply click on the list you’re interested in retrieving.

Once you have gotten to the specific list you are interested in viewing you can download it as a CSV or Import directly into your instance of Salesforce. 


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