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Finding Leads in the Prospecting App

The Prospecting App is the best way to find targeted leads based off your Ideal Customer Profile. Simply input the account you wish to search within, and you’ll be returned individuals that match your ICP by job function, department, and technologies  

What you can do with the prospecting app?

  • Find leads based off your Ideal Customer Profile with these criteria: Products or Technologies, Job functions, Contact details (Email or Phone) Department, Person Location, and Seniority 
  • Suppress leads or contacts against your CRM, so no duplicates are created 
  • Easily add leads to your Instance of Salesforce as a Lead or Contact 

How does it work?

You can think of the Prospecting App as a "Google Search" for leads. Every time you input an account you are searching the social and open web for leads that match your Ideal Customer Profile. Each lead has its own dossier of available information that can include contact details, job functions, technologies, location and more.

The yellow box (in the screenshot above) is where you input the company you’re interested in searching within. 
The green box above is the selected Ideal Customer Profile of which all the leads will be based.

Keep in mind that using different profiles will result in different leads in the same company. Each search is done in real time to ensure you are receiving the most up-to-date data.

Real Time Search - Once the Leads have finished populating, they are already sorted by Most Targeted. This means that they are arranged in the way that lists the most targeted in both the targeted prospects as well as prospects of possible interest at the top. 


Retrieving Contact Details, Job Functions, Products, and Technologies

When selecting prospects, there are a few key items to remember. There are at most four icons that appear next to the person's name:

  • Look for the Green Checkmark next to their name, this means that they’re Socially verified. Leadspace was able to cross verify multiple social sources and by receiving this check mark, the individual has passed the highest form of verification we offer. 
  • The Phone icon means we were able to find the persons direct dial or the company phone number. 
  • The Email icon means we were able to find the person's business email; we do not return personal email addresses.


Note on Job Functions: Keep in mind that the job functions you see returned relate to both the profile you’re using and the expertise of the individual. If we chose a different profile, the Group Marketing Manager wouldn’t be returned, or s/he would have different job functions that s/he also specializes in ( these new job functions would be directly related to the new profile ). Now say you know that this company is a good target but the individuals being returned aren’t necessarily those people you’d like to see. All it takes is a quick tweak of the profile. Contact your CSM in order to organize this.

Company Firmographics  

  • In the left-most panel, we have basic firmographic information on the company. Revenue, Employee size, and Industry. 

  • In the middle panel, we have the Company Expertise. If you have inputted specific technologies that you’d like to find on the company level and they are exhibited within this company, we will return them in this panel. 

  • In the right-most panel we have a short summary of what the company does, and in the top right corner there are two icons, when clicked reveal the location and the company phone. 

Filtering Your Leads

When looking for leads in large companies like Microsoft, it is important to use the filters because chances are you won’t have time to look through every lead. So, to maximize your time spent searching for good prospects, make sure to fully utilize your filtering options. Now that we’ve opened all the filters on the right, we’re able to organize our leads by identified buyer signals. Leadspace can narrow down by prospect location, seniority level, available contact details and more.
Leadspace Unique Filters: 


  • Products & Technologies: These are the products and technologies you were interested in finding on the person level. If you want to find other technologies not listed, consult with your CSM so you may add them to your profile.
  • Job Functions: These are based on the job functions you outlined in your Ideal Customer Profile.
  • Prospect Verification: If the lead has a blue check mark next to their name this means that they are Leadspace Verified. Individuals that pass this test have a 90%+ match that they still work at the company in the role given.
  • Leads Not in Salesforce:* We will filter out those people that are not found in your Salesforce instance
    *This is only available if you choose to integrate with Salesforce.
  • Best practices when using filters in Leadspace: Locking the filters will maintain those specific criteria when searching other accounts 


 Adding a Lead or a Contact to Salesforce

Let’s say that we think that the highlighted person is the right person to reach out to. So how do we add them to Salesforce? You’ll see that inside the orange box there is an "Add to Salesforce" button. After you click this button, you’ll be prompted to choose to add the individual as a Contact or a Lead. After choosing one, your screen will now look like this. Next step, click to see them in Salesforce. If your company has not been integrated with Salesforce, you would have to add leads to "My Leads" which allows you to export your list as a CSV file.

Lead and Contact Panels

After adding an individual as a lead or a contact you may decide that you want to find individuals similar to them. Instead of navigating back to the prospecting app, you can quickly scroll down and find the Leadspace panel. Simply click “Find Targeted Prospects in [ Company ]” and you’ll do a real time search of other individuals that also match your Ideal Customer Profile in that given account. Functionally it is the same as the prospecting app, but this allows you to stay within your Lead or Contact page in Salesforce.

Moving Forward... How does the Profile Affect My Prospecting Results?
Your Ideal Customer Profile dictates the individuals that you will see returned in the prospecting app. Job functions, technologies, job titles, seniority, and departments (among other things) are all tied together in order to define the persona that you’re interested in finding.


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