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Targeted Company Lists

Building Account Lists

How It Works: It’s a list of targeted companies generated according to your preferred firmographics. This list can be run using the analyst team or through the App. Below you will find step-by-step instructions how to build out your own Account List using the List App.



What can you do with an account list?

  • Search for accounts based on specific firmographic criteria
  • Use specific social signals and technologies as criteria for searching for and ranking those accounts
  • Suppress specific Companies against your CRM so no duplicates are returned
  • Later use your new account list to find targeted leads within those specific companies

Lists Menu

Click lists and you’ll be brought to a drop down menu. Now you can:
Click on an old list you have already created to download it or create a new targeted list.

There are two types of lists we can create: Targeted Lists and Account Lists.
To create a Targeted List you should choose “Leads”, and then name your List (appears in yellow below).
To create an Account List, you should choose “Companies” (in green below)

Here we will continue to develop an Account List (here is the Targeted list scenario)


Once you have named your Account List, you will be brought to this next page. In this new step, you’ll define the Firmographic criteria of the company you are looking for. This is the criteria that will enable you to establish your matchable universe of companies that Leadspace can find. Remember that you can also target down by Country, State, and specific zip codes (adjusted by mile radius around the selected area)


After inputting the specific firmographic criteria you are interested in finding, you will be returned how many companies fit these criteria. If this number is too large, click “Revise Criteria” and you can make the criteria more specific and then fewer companies will be returned.

Company Indicators

In this section, you’ll establish whether or not you want social signals added to your company list. When adding social signals to your company list, you can choose up to 20 products, technologies, and fields of expertise that you’re interested in finding on the company level. Within the app, you’ll be able to score the signals by their relative importance using the stars, (three stars are most important, and one star is least important). These indicators will be appended to the company in your results if they are found, and a measure of certainty will also be included in each specific signal. 

List Options

This is another section in which you can limit the number of credits you spend on the creation of this account list. You have the option to limit the size of the list to a specific number of companies.

Remember: When it comes to suppression of specific companies you do not want to be returned, this section will allow you to suppress those companies in two different ways. You can upload a suppression list as a CSV, or if you are integrated with Leadspace in your instance of Salesforce, you can return only the accounts that don’t already exist in your instance.

Final Review

This is the last section to make any changes to your account list. On this page, you’ll find a summary of the criteria that will go into creating this list, along with the total amount of credits that you could spend. 

Once you click submit the list will start the creation process, and depending on the size, could take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour to be completed. You will receive an email notification upon its completion and to retrieve the list you must go back into Leadspace, and it will be available under the lists tab. 

Retrieving Your Account

Get back to the main page for Leadspace, and now click Lists again, but rather than creating a New Account List, you’ll see that your completed list will be waiting for you in the highlighted area. Simply click on the list you’re interested in retrieving.


Options for Created Lists

Once you have clicked the list you are interested in downloading, you will be brought to this page. It will offer a summary of what criteria the list was built upon.
Here, you have the option to find Leads within the previously found accounts (highlighted in yellow below).
You also have the option to download the file as a CSV (highlighted in green below). 

Naming the New Lead List

If you choose to find leads within those specific accounts this is the next page you’re brought to. Name the new Lead List that you wish to create, and after you name it you’ll be brought to the Person Criteria step.

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