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Data Sample for Ideal Customer Profile

The Ideal Customer Profile is designed to find the most targeted leads for a given product line or vertical. The profile also provides "predictive score" for both new and existing prospects, and thus should be optimized to describe as accurately as possible the "qualified personas" vs. "unqualified personas" identified within your CRM.

To help create and refine your Ideal Customer Profiles, Leadspace combines "objective" statistical insights from a data sample of your leads, contacts, and accounts, with your explicit "subjective" insights regarding the key attributes that characterize your ideal customer. This analysis is continuously done on an iterative basis.

Your subjective input should be submitted using a separate profile input form, provided by your Customer Success Manager, while in this document we provide guidelines for the required data samples. We recommend using separate data sample and input form per profile (usually per product line). If there is no sample available, the profile can be created based on your explicit input alone.

Two data samples are recommended for Leadspace analysis:

  1. "Qualified leads" vs "Unqualified leads"
    Filter Criteria: This data sample should include leads that your team has classified as 'good' or 'bad'. Typically using the following Lead Statuses: ‘Sales Qualified’, ‘Marketing Qualified' vs. ‘Marketing Unqualified and ‘Sales Unqualified’ leads, or equivalent.
    Number of records: 
    Leadspace can analyze up to 10,000 leads. For optimal results, please include at least 2,000 unique lead records from distinct 1,000 companies.
    Required fields: 
    First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Lead Status.
    Optional fields (recommended): Job Title, Company Website, Lead Email, existing scoring fields, Opportunity Stage (Can be found in SFDC ‘Leads with converted information’ report).

  2. Contacts from "closed-won" opportunities:

    Filter Criteria: We recommend providing the most recent contacts from "closed-won" opportunities. You may create a hand-picked list of key contacts within what you consider to be your best customers (in terms of revenue, etc.).
    Number of records: 
    Leadspace can analyze up to 2,000 contacts. For optimal results, please include at least 200 contacts from at least 100 various accounts.
    Required fields: First Name, Last Name, Account Name.
    Optional fields (recommended): Job Title, Company Website, Contact Email, existing scoring fields.

Sending the data samples: Please contact your Customer Success Manager to receive a link to a secured ShareFile folder.

SFDC reports
To easily generate the required samples, we recommend using 'Leads' or 'Leads with 
converted lead information' SFDC reports:

The reports will provide you with the following data fields:

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