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Marketo Integration

Which versions of Marketo integrate with Leadspace?

You must be using the standard version of Marketo or higher.

Is it possible to score leads using several Ideal Customer Profiles?

Yes, leads can be scored with multiple profiles. You may wish to assign leads automatically to specific marketing programs or sales reps based on the profile that generated the highest score.

Does Leadspace enrich leads in real-time?

Leadspace enriches and auto-qualifies your leads according to your Marketo campaign settings. Once triggered, a "Webhook" API call is made from your Marketo system to Leadspace. It usually takes a few seconds for Leadspace to update the record with enriched data. 

How do I manage my original data fields alongside the data fields enriched by Leadspace?

The best practice is to avoid overwriting original data and to create new data fields for all of the Leadspace-enriched data. This enables you to keep the original lead data as well as the enriched data and to use both for segmentation, scoring, etc.

When does Leadspace plan to support integrations with other marketing automation systems?

Leadspace currently integrates with Marketo, Eloqua and Hubspot. Speak with your Customer Success Manager for more information.
In addition, Leadspace offers an open API that enables integration with additional platforms. Please speak with your Customer Success Manager for more information.

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