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Why do I sometimes find outdated Leadspace information?

Data Freshness 

Leadspace aggregates data on both companies and individuals from a variety of both structured and unstructured data sources including the open and social web in real-time to deliver the highest quality data for each data attribute.  This method is similar to how search engines scan for updates to websites and keep as current a record as possible.  We strive to update as quickly as we identify changes.

On occasion, you will find that Leadspace shows a person associated with a given company who is no longer with that company.  One reason for this is the time it takes for an individual to publicly update their profile.  In rare cases, some information may take up to 90 days from when a person’s information is publicly updated.  This information will correct itself over time.

We provide transparency into the accuracy using the Leadspace social verification indicator.  When a person is denoted as socially verified, it means we have determined the information found on this person and our confidence based on how recently we found this information and how many other indicators we found that help us to determine if the information is still current. 

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