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Why am I getting a low number of Leads for specific companies? 

Why am I getting a low number of Leads when targeting specific companies? 

For every improvement or change to our algorithms, we compare it to our benchmark of Fortune 1K companies. Current coverage percentage is a close to 95%, so low number of results may indicate few possible issues 

  • The companies with low number of leads are not a good fit to your profile - For examples, profile that gives a high score to a Director/VP level but it's a small company (1-10 employees) with a low chance for a VP/Director level leads
  • Companies in an industry that doesn't fit the profile - Searching for a Support/IT leads in a company that is defined as an "Industrial Equipment Supplier" industry will yield low to none relevant leads.
  • Incorrect input - Searching for "Lead Space Incorporated". Our algorithms know to ignore suffixes LTD, INC, etc. but we can't safely assume that "Lead Space Incorporated"="Leadsapce Inc." In such case, the company won't get leads or leads will come back with incorrect information (unless the intention was to find Leads in "Lead Space Incorporated," of course).
  • The Profile that might need some more tweaking - If the profile is too strict, you will get high-quality leads, but with a lower number of expended companies. 

For the first two points, it's important to make sure that the companies fit the profile - Size and Industry-wise. To make sure you have a good fit, you can create an Account list through Leadspace and define the exact firmographics.
For the last point - Please don't hesitate to contact us at and we will be delighted to help.

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