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What is the best way to upload an offline file?

What is the best way to upload an offline file?

In some cases, Leadspace may send Excel/CSV files with enriched leads. It can be a file with an offline project result or newly enriched leads from your database. 
Here are some pointers on how to upload the file back to Salesforce. 

  • Always ensure that each object (leads/contacts/accounts) is divided into separate files to import.  Salesforce does not support importing cross objects.
  • On your offline file, it is best to remove all columns that are not needed (grey fields that are not Lead ID).
  • Remove all rows that do not have data in them (ex: blank leads, un-enriched leads, or some rows may have copyright information from when the file was exported from SFDC)
  • Use the third option in the Data Import Wizard "Add New and Update Existing Leads"
  • Match Leads by "ID" - All other options should be "None"
  • When performing the field mapping, be sure to select the correct object on the lead level (fields are duplicated across lead, account, and opportunity. This makes the field mapping very confusing sometimes)
  • If you have the Leadspace Import Tool installed, feel free to use that to import your Leadspace data as well.  Click here to find out more on how to properly uses the Leadspace Import Tool to upload your offline enriched data.
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