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Salesforce: Database Refresh Statistics and Best Practices for New Hot Leads

In the 'Leadspace on Leadspace' best practice, we're going to cover one of the workflows that we ourselves use here at Leadspace - database re-enrichment and activating 'hot' or 'A' leads.

We recently completed our quarterly database refresh - if you're not doing this refresh already, it's something you'll want to consider. According to Sirius Decisions B2B contact records go bad at a rate of nearly 30 percent per year as contacts change jobs, responsibilities and companies.
Having completed the refresh, below are some of the stats we saw:


An additional stat not shown here is that 5% of our total database had moved companies! This means for the CSM team new relationships need to be established, and for the Sales & Marketing teams, your buyers and champions are in new potential target companies.

As a part of the refresh, we rescored all leads against our ideal customer profiles. As titles and departments changed, promotions occurred, and companies experienced growth, leads that previously scored more poorly were now moving up into high-scoring profiles of our ideal buyers. Our workflow for targeting these leads is:

New Hot Leads: In Salesforce, we have a bucket created for our New Hot Leads and these are the leads that are prioritized to reach out to immediately. For us, a New Hot Lead is a lead newly scored with a high score (70 & above) - or that scored above 70 and has had a touch point within the last 72 hours.


Open Hot Leads: We have a second bucket for Open Hot Leads - these are all Leads with a Lead Status of Open with a 70 or above against any of our profiles.


Nurture: There is a third bucket for Nurture - leads that scored below 70. Nurtured leads receive outbound communication (email marketing), and based on interaction with our website & communication streams, leads can move up or down this status. We leverage behavioral scoring via marketing automation. Once lead reached a specific behavioral score (in our case, 70), they will move back into the “hot leads” queue.


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