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Salesforce: Lead To Account Matching Panel (L2AM) Installation

This article will cover how to install and set up the Leadspace Lead to Account Matching (L2AM) panel in your Salesforce environment.

To start, the installation of the package requires a Salesforce Admin level user.

1) Login to your Salesforce environment
2) If installing the L2AM VisualForce page, click the following installation URL - This will lead to the following screen.

If you prefer to not have an added VisualForce page on your page layout and would rather install the L2AM capability in a button, click the following installation URL - This will lead to the following screen.

3) Put in the required password (LeadspaceL2AM) and select the "Install for All Users" option. Approve by clicking the "Install" button
4) Under App Setup -> Installed Packages option, please verify that the LeadspacePackage is installed 

5) Now that the installation is verified, please click the + icon the Salesforce menu 


6) In the table, we should search for LSMappings tab - Click it.

7) In the opened window, click the "New LSMapping" button and fill in the required API names in the object 


Below are the LSmapping details.  Please fill in the required data as follows:

1. Field Name: Site Id
Account LSID API Name: LSID__c
Lead LSID API Name: LSID__c
Contact LSID API Name: LSID__c

2. Field Name: HQ ID
Account LSID API Name: Site_LSID__c
Lead LSID API Name: Site_LSID__c
Contact LSID API Name: Site_LSID__c

3. Field Name: GU ID
Account LSID API Name: GU_LSID__c
Lead LSID API Name: GU_LSID__c
Contact LSID API Name: GU_LSID__c

4. Field Name: DU ID
Account LSID API Name: DU_LSID__c
Lead LSID API Name: DU_LSID__c
Contact LSID API Name: DU_LSID__c

8) Now, please navigate to Manage Users -> Profiles section in SFDC setup. Here, click the System Administrator role and click "Edit" on the opened page

9) For all profiles except System Admin set the Tab Settings as Default Off. Set the Custom Tab Settings for LS Mappings as Default On

10) Navigate to Build->Customize->Leads->Page Layout and click on "Page Layout Assignment." On the new page, click "Edit Assignment."

11) From here, select System Administrator role and select Admin Layout 

12) Select multiple profiles and select Lead Layout and SDR and Sales Lead Layout. The same should be done for both the Account and Contact layouts


On the left-side menu, go to "App Setup" => "Customize" => "Leads" => "Page Layouts"

Click "Edit" beside the Lead Layout entry. Note: If your Salesforce implementation has multiple lead page layouts, repeat the following steps for each page layout.

On the top toolbar, in the left-side menu, click "VisualForce Pages".


This menu allows you to determine where the Leadspace Panel will be situated in your Salesforce lead view.

Drag the Section box down to where you want the Leadspace L2AM Panel to be placed. 


In the Section Properties dialog that appears, change the Section name from “New Section” to “Leadspace L2AM”.  Select the 1-Column layout option and click "OK."


Then drag the Leadspace Panel Matched Accounts and Leadspace Lead Panel boxes down into the new Leadspace L2AM section that you created.



Click the wrench icon to edit the Leadspace Panel Matched Accounts and Leadspace Lead Panel properties.



For the Leadspace Panel Matched Accounts Panel, change the height to 360, click "Show scrollbars", and click "OK".


For the Leadspace Lead Panel, change the height to 370, click "Show scrollbars", and click "OK".


Click "Quick Save" (in the toolbar near the top of the page).

** Repeat this for all Lead, Contact, and Account page layouts **

For any question or assistance, please don't hesitate to reach us at

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