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Salesforce: Parent Account Tagging Flow Use Case

Use Cases

What if an inbound lead that come in is already be tied or related to an account that is already in your database? Seeing how accounts are related to each other would be a good way for the Sales team to collaborate especially if a related or parent account is already a customer.


With Leadspace’s Parent Account Tagging flow, Leadspace will append the Parent Company if a matching LSID is found to the field called ‘Parent Account’. On the account level, you can also drill into the ‘View Hierarchy’ view to see the full hierarchy based on the accounts you have your Salesforce database. This way you can see the ultimate parent as well any ‘siblings’ that are related to the account you are working on.

What is the trigger?

LSID Changes = TRUE

LSID is NOT Null

Parent Account (standard field) is NULL

LSID does NOT = DU (or GU) LSID

How it works:

Leadspace will look to see if there is a match between LSIDs. If a DU LSID (or GU LSID) matches an existing account’s HQ LSID this would be a child of that account. Similarly if two accounts has the same DU LSID (or GU LSID), these two accounts would be a ‘sibling’ of one another.

As an example, Successfactor has a parent account of SAP. You will be able to see in the account view the ‘Parent Account’ field populated:


If you click on the ‘View Hierarchy’, you will be taken to a new view that will show the entire hierarchy that is in your database.


As new accounts come in that are related to SAP (ex: Ariba), you hierarchy tree will be updated in SalesForce accordingly.

A visual of how the flow would work would be:



 There are many benefits to having the Parent Account Tagging flow Flow.

  • Identifies the hierarchal tree for your accounts that are in your database.
  • Company name will display in the ‘Parent Account’ field in SFDC if match is found inside right in the standard Account object.

If you would like to learn about reports to use please reference Parent Account Tagging Report article for more details.

If you would like more information about setting up this flow, please reach out to and we will be happy to set up a call.



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