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Leadspace Contact Expansion on demand - Step By Step

With Leadspace Contact Expansion On-Demand web app, you can practice ABM by identifying the best contacts in your target accounts, on demand, based on your desired person profiles, using the Leadspace simple-to-use web application.

The app allows you to upload a file with your target accounts, choose the person profile that makes a good contact, and get the top contacts that fit this profile for each company you uploaded.

To start enjoying the benefits of Leadspace On-Demand Contact Expansion:

  • Open the ‘Contact Targeting’ app, and click on the ‘Contact Expansion’ button to open the new file expansion form.

  • 2018-09-05_15_33_17-Leadspace_On_Demand.png

The file expansion form (step 1) has the following fields:

  • Description - a name for the current enrichment process, to help you identify it later when reviewing the enrichment results
  • Upload file - upload your list of companies or people to be enriched. You can only upload a .csv file, with up to 1 million records.
    * You must upload a file to continue to step 2.
  • Persona to retrieve - Select the persona profile, by which to rank the contacts before choosing the best
    • Profiles can be either custom profiles or LS library profiles
    • Custom profiles are secured - only people in your organization can see them
      *You must choose a persona profile to continue to step 2.
  • Contact location (country) - filter the results by the contact’s location (country)
    * The default location is ‘all countries’
  • Number of contacts to expand per company - the number of contacts to be retrieved per company.
    * The default number of contacts is 3; currently you cannot ask for more than ten contacts per company
  • Required contact details - which contact details must be verified for the contacts.
    Company email, company phone, and a direct phone can be marked as required
    *Note: If a direct phone is marked as required, this may reduce the expansion rate

  • 2018-09-05_15_40_49-Leadspace_On_Demand.png


Click ‘Continue’ to upload the file and go to Step 2

In Step 2, for each input field that Leadspace requires to perform expansion, select the relevant header in your file from the list of headers
Company name or Company website are required to expand your accounts

Please note that you cannot map the same header to more than one input field. In such a case an error message will be displayed.



Click ‘Run Now’ to start the contact expansion process of the companies in the file you uploaded.

If both steps 1 and 2 were completed correctly, a green status bar will confirm that the request was successfully submitted.

In case of errors, a red status bar will provide an explanation.

The results are sent to your email.
The duration of the contact expansion process depends largely on the size of the file you uploaded.

Please expect large files to take a few hours to be expanded.

Viewing Leadspace Contact Expansion On Demand results

The results of every contact discovery you start from Leadspace On Demand are sent directly to your email.

Open the email sent from Leadspace ( titled: “Leadspace On-Demand - Your contact expansion is done!”


The email notification provides the following information:

  • The status of your contact expansion activity - how many companies were successfully expanded by the Leadspace expansion
  • A link to download the contacts .csv file

The .csv file is holding your contact expansion results, showing the various fields added by Leadspace.
Note: the format of the results file is identical to the file that is provided by Leadspace data analysts

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