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How are Leadspace records scored? 

How are Leadspace records scored? 

The records are scored according to a number of criteria which include:

  • Seniority level 
  • Department job functions/roles & responsibilities
  • Title
  • Technologies a person is proficient with 

For each of the above, when building out a profile, you'll specify how important/relevant each keyword/department/ etc. is - This is done on a high-medium-low scale, which is like 3,2,1 stars. Based on how many keywords the person has and whether these are in their body or title, their department, seniority level, etc, we'll combine this into a score (between -1, 0, 30, 50, 70, 90, while 30 is a low fit to your profile, and 90 is a highly targeted record - more information can be found here). If a person has a large number of keywords present, including in their title, and all of those are marked as highly significant, they might get a 90, or the highest score.
With that, your constant input is crucial in keeping the profile fresh and relevant, so please don't hesitate to contact us at at any time for tweaks and updates request to your profile(s).

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