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How does the Leadspace Import Tool work?

The Leadspace Import Tool is a Leadspace feature developed to enable easier and more automated uploads for your Leadspace offline enrichment data.  It achieves this in two ways:

  • Automated field mapping between your offline file columns and your SFDC fields
  • Bulk API requests, allowing up to 250,000 enrichments per requests with minimal API usage

Initial Setup

The initial installation of the import tool will require a quick call with your CSM and the Leadspace support team, to ensure proper integration and setup. The agenda is typically as follows:

  • Download the Leadspace Import Tool managed package
  • Adjust the field types of the "LS Company Description" and "LS Lead Job Functions" fields to be type Text Area (Long) (length = 100,000 and number of visible lines = 3)
    • This is in order to accommodate longer company descriptions/job functions that exceed the Text type max length of 255 characters
  • Upload the Import Tool SFDC Mapping template into the Import Tool to set the column-to-field mapping
  • Customer will upload a test file, check for errors, troubleshoot if necessary
  • If no errors, upload the full offline file

About the Leadspace Import Tool

The Leadspace Import Tool uses a pre-determined mapping file to auto-map the columns from your Leadspace offline enriched files to your Leadspace custom fields.  For example, the file can instruct the Import Tool to map the column "PERSON_TITLE" into your SFDC custom field titled "LS Lead Title".  

Your Leadspace team will provide the field mapping file and work with you to upload it into the Leadspace Import Tool.  Once the mapping file has been uploaded into the tool, you will never have to set any mapping for file imports again.  This allows for a quicker import process for offline enriched files into your SFDC database as it eliminates any manual field mapping processes during the upload.


Once you receive your Leadspace enriched data file from your CSM, you can navigate straight to the "File Upload" tab in your Data Import tool, select the mapping template (Lead Creation, Lead Enrichment, Contact Enrichment, or Account Enrichment), and click "Upload".  



You will then see, on the left hand side, all of the custom fields the Import Tool will be pushing data into.  On the right hand side are all of the Unmapped fields, or columns in your file that do not have a corresponding SFDC field.  Most of these should be Original Input fields, which do not require a field mapping as they do not contain any newly enriched data.


You can view the progress of your data import in the Upload History tab, including viewing all import error descriptions.  Keep in mind that it is common to see a small number of errors due to attempting to enrich an object that either has converted or does not exist in the database anymore.  These errors can be ignored.


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