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Leadspace For Salesforce: Running and Tracking Enrichments

Leadspace for Salesforce

With Leadspace sync app for Salesforce, you can enrich leads and accounts, on demand, with 100+ fields of highly accurate insights to power your sales and marketing teams, directly in your Salesforce environment.

Before you start using this new functionality, please ensure you have read the Audience Sync for Salesforce user guide, and that your application is properly installed and configured (with the help of Leadspace integration team).

To test the new functionality in your environment, please complete the following steps:


Navigate to the “Leadspace Audience Sync” app in your Salesforce environment.  You can find the app in the applications drop down menu at the top right hand corner of your Salesforce



Please ensure you are logged in as an Admin, and then verify that the following tabs are visible to you:

Sync Definitions, Sync Activities, Sync Activity Bulks, Results Fields Mapping, Input fields Mapping, Settings, Reports, Dashboards2018-05-15_12_31_08-Sync_Definitions__Home___Salesforce_-_Developer_Edition.png


In the ‘Sync Definitions’ tab, click on the ‘New’ button on the top right part of the screen. On this page you can see the previous Sync Definitions created in your environment



Give your sync job a meaningful name. Notice the default name of your Sync job is based on the date/time of its creation


Choose the object type you wish to sync - Account, Contact, or Lead.  Data will be appended only to the object you chose, per the field mappings you have set for this object


Add one or more filtering criteria on your Salesforce data.

Try out different types of fields (text, numbers or dates), and different filter logic (AND/OR)



Click ‘Apply filters’ to see the number of objects that meet your filter criteria. If the number of results exceed the number of allowed transactions set by the admin, a message will pop up



Click ‘Run Now’ to trigger the Audience sync. Conversely, you may also discard the Sync run, go back to update your filter criteria, and see a different number of objects



Wait for an email notification regarding your Sync status (Success, Partial success or Failure).  Sync activity may take up to a few hours, depends on the number of records.

In case of failure or partial success, the email notification also includes error message and error code to be shared with Leadspace support team


After the sync has completed successfully, navigate to one of the Accounts/Leads/Contacts you have selected, to see Leadspace insights directly in your standard object


Navigate to the ‘Sync definitions’ tab and click the sync definition you wish to track.  This will take you to the ‘Details’ page for this particular Sync Definition.  Here you can view your newly created Sync Definition and take note of all auditing information (created by and when).



Below the Details section, you will see the Sync Activities created based on the new Sync Definition.

Note the number of records, the related object and start date/time



Below the Sync Activities, you will see the Search Criteria, defined by the Sync Definition.



Under "Sync Activities", click the ‘Sync Activity’ ID number to see activity details.  This will take you to the ‘Details’ page for this particular Sync Activity.

Notice the activity status, and number of records it holds



Below the Details section, you will see the Sync Activity Bulks that were created for this Sync Activity. Each bulk holds a batch of objects you requested to be synced with Leadspace.

Notice the number of records, the related object and status



In the Sync Activity Bulks section, click the Sync Activity Bulk ID to see it's details.  This will take you to the “Details” page for that particular Sync Activity Bulk.

Notice the bulk status, and number of records it holds

The external bulk ID can be tracked across Salesforce and Leadspace monitoring systems, for easy supportability.



Below the Details section, you can see the Salesforce objects that were included in the Sync activity bulk, and were synced with Leadspace.

Clicking each of these objects will take you to this object’s page, were you can see the newly enriched Leadspace data



Navigate to the ‘Reports’ tab to create or view reports about the number of activities, type of objects, etc.



Navigate to the ‘Dashboards’ tab to create or view dashboards for various insights about your sync activities


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