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Radius/Leadspace Enrichment Flow

Campaign Objective - Automatically enrich leads that were either uploaded via an offline file from Radius into Marketo directly or net new leads needing enrichment data.

Prep Work:

**Please NotePlease populate the Lead Source column in the CSV with 'Radius'. 

Setting up the Flow

1. Send to Webhook: To support the enrichment of non-triggered events, we will need to create a requested campaign, to send leads for enrichment - This campaign will be the only conduit to send leads for Leadspace DB Refresh.

You will need to following filter criteria:

Lead Source = Radius (we only want to target the list of leads that Radius provided)

LS Status IS Empty (we do not want enrich if the lead has already been enriched)


Set to run every time, click Save, and “Activate.”


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