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Leadspace On Demand: Enrichment

This section explains how to run company and person-level enrichments via a file upload to the Leadspace Enrichment On Demand application.

Leadspace Enrichment On Demand steps

Click "New Segment +" at the top right corner and select an enrichment type from under "Enrich My Data".


The file enrichment form (Step 1) has the following fields:

  • Name your segment - this will be the title of the Segment card later shown in the Segments dashboard
  • Upload file - only supports .csv files, up to 1M records


Click ‘Next’ to upload the file and go to Step 2

In Step 2, for each input field that Leadspace requires to perform enrichment, select the corresponding header in your file from the list of headers.

Please note that you cannot map the same header to more than one input field.  If this occurs, the application will yield an error message.

In some cases (for example, predictive models) Leadspace may require additional custom fields, in addition to those required for basic enrichment. 

In Step 2 you can add custom fields using the names defined on your Leadspace backend, and map them to headers in your uploaded file.


Click ‘Run’ to start the enrichment process of the companies or people in the file you uploaded.

If both steps 1 and 2 were completed correctly, a green status bar will confirm that the request was successfully submitted.

In case of errors, a red status bar will provide a detailed explanation.

The results will be sent to your email.

The duration of the enrichment process depends largely on the size of the file you uploaded.

Please expect large files to take a few hours to be enriched.

Viewing Leadspace Enrichment results

The results of every enrichment you start from Leadspace On Demand are sent directly to your email.

Open the email sent from Leadspace ( titled: “Leadspace On-Demand - Your enrichment is done!”


The email notification provides the following information:

  • The status of your enrichment activity - how many records were successfully enriched by Leadspace
  • A link to download the enrichment results .csv file

The .csv file will contain your enrichment results, showing the various fields added by Leadspace.

The results file also shows the specific status for each record. Possible statuses are:

  • Success - The record was enriched successfully
  • Transaction limit has been reached - not enough credits to complete the enrichment
  • Invalid input - the input that was sent in the uploaded file was invalid
  • Internal error - an internal error occurred in the enrichment process. Resending the record may result in success.  
  • Missing response - The request was timed out for some reason, or response could not be delivered. Resending the record may result in success.

Important to note that Leadspace keeps the result file for 28 days. After that, the file is removed from Leadspace servers and won't be accessible. 

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