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Leadspace On Demand: My Audiences application

Every contact discovery you start from Leadspace On Demand is tracked in the Leadspace ‘My audiences’ app.

‘My audiences’ allows customers to manage the audiences that were generated in Leadspace On Demand.

  • See the status of the Contact Discovery activity you recently triggered (in progress, completed)
  • See historical activities and their main metrics
  • Download results from within the Leadspace app
    *Files are saved for no more than 28 days


  • Open the ‘My audiences’ app by clicking on the ‘My audiences’ icon
  • Click the ‘Contact discovery’ or ‘Enrichment’ tabs
  • Choose a time frame - default is three months. You can change it to one month or six months
  • An index of all contact discovery activities is presented, and for each such activity the following information is available:
    • Date - date/time of the completion of the activity
    • Description - The description of the activity as defined in the form
    • Status - the status of the activity - In Progress (hover will show the % of progress), Completed, or Completed With Issues

Note: the status relates to the processing of the data, not to the enrichment/expansion data itself

  • No. Input Companies - the number of companies uploaded to Leadspace On Demand
  • No. Expanded Companies - the number of companies successfully expanded (at least one contact found)
  • User - the user who initiated the activity
  • Number of known people that were excluded from the discovered audience
  • The emails list/s that ware used for known contacts exclusion
  • ‘Exclusion lists’ tab shows the details of the Suppression files information


  • For each row in the table that started less than 28 days earlier, click the ‘Download’ icon - when clicking it, the results file is saved to your computer.

Note: the format of the results file is identical to the file that is provided by Leadspace data analysts as a service


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