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Marketo: Flow to Convert Predictive Score to Buckets


When setting up a predictive model with Leadspace, you will be provided with a numeric predictive score (0-100) for each lead/contact. It is best practice to convert these scores to A-D buckets. This will help with prioritization, campaigns, and overall better experience for teams. This article will guide you on how to do this in Marketo.


You will need to create a new field (ideally in Salesforce so that this will automatically be created in Marketo) called 'LS Predictive Segment' as a string field type.

Smart Campaign Setup

Name: LS Predictive Segment Conversion

Smart List:

Leadspace Predictive Score: is not empty

Can also add criteria such as 'Leadspace Predictive Score' changed in the last 'X' days


Drag a 'Change Data Value'

Set each of the buckets based on the Leadspace Predictive Score.

The standard bucketing is how I have set below is based on 

These buckets can be tweaked to your liking, but our modeling process is based on having around 33% of accounts be in the A and B buckets (lift of 3-5%) more than the average accounts. 



Select either 'once every 'X' days' (90 or 180 days, should align with your regular database refreshes) or 'every time'.

Article on how to do this Salesforce, please refer to How To Convert Predictive Score To A-D Segments in Salesforce

For additional questions regarding the setup of this campaign, please reach out to your CSM or email us at 


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