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Leadspace on Demand: Data

The Data Health Report (DHR) is designed to provide data-related insights - the state (quality and population rate) of the data before Leadspace, and after.


Key components in the report

  • Segment picker - in the top-left corner users can choose which segment report to show.
  • Filter by / value - these pickers allow the user to show the analysis for a specific part of the segment, by choosing a field and specific value within to filter by. 
  • Records - the number of records shown in the current view (post-filters).
  • Enriched - the enrichment rate of the current view. Hovering over this metric shows more granular information (person/company enriched).
  • Verified - for people enriched, how many of them were verified. Hovering over shows more granular information (social/email verification).
  • Duplicates - records that were tagged as duplicates by Leadspace.
  • Invalid - records that were tagged as invalid by Leadspace. Hovering over shows more granular information (invalid input, moved…).
  • Company and person fields - the heart of the screen, shows key signals broken out into 3 groups:
    • New data - where 1st party data was missing, and Leadspace populated with new data.
    • Changed - where 1st party data existed, but Leadspace found better, more accurate, data to populate.
    • Existing - where 1st party data existed, and Leadspace had nothing to add or change.

How to create a report

Currently, these report can only be produced offline by our data analyst team. Users can reach out to their CSM to request this, and upon creation it will show in their Leadspace On-Demand account.

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