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Leadspace on Demand: Segments

Upon entering the Leadspace On-Demand application, users first see to the Segments dashboard.


This screen has several key components:

  • The Segment cards - these are the segments previously created by the user and other members of the team. Each Segment card represents a different individual activity performed, such as a newly discovered list or an enriched dataset. The cards include important information about the Segment, and by clicking on it a popup appears with additional relevant information.
  • “Only created by me” toggle - this allows the user to show/hide Segments created by other team members.
  • Search bar - this allows the user to quickly filter the dashboard by specific terms found in the Segments’ name.
  • Filters menu - this allows the user to filter the dashboard by Segment types.
  • “New Segment” action button - this allows the user to create a new Segment, leveraging Leadspace’s different offerings. Currently there are 4 new segment options: 
    • “Enrich my companies”
    • “Enrich my people”
    • “Discover companies by Lookalike”
    • “Discover people by Persona”


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