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SmartForms Overview

SmartForms provides demographic and firmographic data upon the prospect's first form fill, alleviating the need to wait on multiple forms via progressive profiling.  With one form, you can append up to 120+ relevant data points in real-time, as soon as the prospect clicks the submit button.


  • Plugs into existing forms and can be fully customized
  • Compatible with all marketing automation and CRM systems

How it works:

SmartForms integrate additional hidden data fields to your forms.  On your forms, you can ask the minimum fields from prospects while SmartForms validates and appends data in the background.  Once the prospect completes filling out the minimum fields on the form, you end up receiving 120+ appended contact and account level fields, including company mailing address, phone number, company revenue, company size, industry and more.  This additional data is pushed into your Marketing Automation or CRM system using hidden fields, making this data immediately available to your scoring, routing, and segmentation flows.

There are two easy ways to implement your SmartForms:

  1. Cloud-configuration with one line of code added to your landing pages
  2. SDK Javascript for custom workflows

Implementation Steps:

  1. Select append fields options
  2. Add custom prefixed fields to CRM, sync to MA (e.g., RF_ConfidenceLevel, RF_Site_Company, RF_DHQ_Company) RF_ConfidenceLevel and RF_ConfidenceDescription are required
  3. Clone Form/Test Form, Add RF fields as Hidden Inputs
  4. Publish Form, Send URL
  5. We will create your SmartForms Security Token ID
  6. Map Form Input Fields & Elements
  7. Modify Form Submit Action
  8. Insert SmartForms code in <head> of page
  9. Post-Configuration Check / Troubleshooting

SmartForms 3 vs. SmartForms 4:

We recently made an upgrade to our SmartForms application to enable better data processing and enrichment handling.  Most of these updates were done on the backend and should have no impact to you at all.  However, for some customers that have undergone this update, you may have noticed a change in the look and feel of your SmartForms dropdown on some of your landing pages.  If you previously had a modal interface (captive portal interface with company list that populates when the submit button is clicked), you will now notice that your SmartForm uses a new dropdown, displayed below. 


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