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What Do The Person Scores Mean In An Enrichment?

The Leadspace Person Scores reflect how well a lead matches to the persona used to discover or enrich* this lead. In general, a higher score reflects a closer fit to the persona.

Important Note: Leadspace Person Score is not a propensity score and does not reflect the likelihood of the lead to buy/convert. If propensity to convert/buy is a priority for your business, Leadspace Audience Modeling & Predictive Insights can provide this type of scoring.


The scores: Possible scores include: 90, 70, 50, 30, 0, and -1

Let’s dive into what these mean:

90 - Best fit to the profile

70 - Good fit to the profile

50 - Standard fit to the profile

30 - Loose fit to the profile

0 - Not enough information on the lead to give a score (likely not an optimal target), or what information is available shows they are not a close fit to the profile. Likely only seen in the enrichment process

-1 - Lead is a negative fit to the profile, meaning you should not target them. This will come into play only during the enrichment process and will happen if you have asked Leadspace to exclude / block certain titles.


Let’s give a real-world example to help understand the differences between the scores. Say you have a profile targeting demand generation professionals, and you only want to target individuals that are Director level and above. You’ve mentioned that C-Levels are not your priority, and that graphic designers are bad targets and should be excluded:

90 - VP of Demand Generation

70 - Director of Demand Generation

50 - C-level with demand generation mentioned in their social profile or title, VP in Marketing with demand    generation mentioned in their profile, but not in their title

30 - Director of Marketing with demand gen in their social profile but not title

0 - Manager of Sales Operations, CFO, Software Developer

-1 - Director of Graphic Design


*Note that enrichment can apply to appending data to leads coming through marketing automation, leads that already exist in your database, etc.

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