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Persona Creation

The Leadspace Personas are used both for segmenting your inbound and existing leads and contacts, and also for finding net new people from within the Leadspace ecosystem.


Personas for Segmentation

If you have custom personas in your contract, a great place to start in determining what personas to have built for is with your own segmentation rules as they stand today.  Some of the questions you'll want to consider in determining the right personas to build for segmentation use cases:

  1. What are the personas that my content streams are targeting today?
  2. What are the segmentation rules today in my marketing automation or CRM that 'bucket' my inbound leads & database into personas?
  3. Are we planning on starting any new initiatives around segmentation/personalized marketing?
  4. What complementary or competitive technologies would you like to 'flag' for these personas?

If your organization is not yet ready to determine which content streams are going to be created, and does not have segmentation rules today, an option could be to either create your personas at a later date, or select some of the Leadspace Library Personas as a starting point, and then 'tweak' these or completely replace them once you are ready.


Personas for Net New

If you have custom personas in your contract, then in thinking about how to start the creation of these for finding net new leads, a good place to start is with your defined buyer types as they are today.  Often sales will have a set of buyer types that they go after, as will marketing.  Some of the questions you'll want to consider here in preparing to build your custom personas for net new use cases:

  1. What are the buyer types that we go after today
  2. What are new buyers that we are considering for this upcoming year?
  3. What are the titles that go into these buyer types?
  4. What are the levels that are most relevant for these buyer types?
  5. What are the departments that we most often see the above titles fall into?
  6. What complementary or competitive technologies might be relevant to these buyer types?


Again an option here if you do not have the answers to the above questions would be to start with a selection from the Leadspace Library Personas, and then go from there.


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