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Hubspot: Resend Leads For Enrichment


Autofill LS Updated: First things first, we will need to backfill the LS Updated field in any leads that were enriched via offline Leadspace files.  Because these leads did not go through the webhook, they were never populated with the "LSUpdated" value as it is a technical field only.  

To do this create a new flow: Contacts > Workflows > Create workflow >

Name: Append LSUpdated

2. Add Criteria:

A) LSStatus is known

B) LSUpdated is unknown

3. Set a Contact Property Value

  • Contact Property: LSUpdated
  • 'Date of Step'
  • Make sure to check 'Enroll contacts who already meet these criteria.'

Next, we'll create another flow for the re-enrichment:

1. Create a new flow: Contacts > Workflows > Create workflow

Name: Auto DB Refresh

2. Add Criteria:

A) LSStatus contain 'Enrich' (we do not want to capture leads that have not been previously enriched)

B) LSUpdated is more than 90 days ago (we only want to re-enrich leads every 90 days)


3. Trigger a Webhook

Method: POST

Webhook URL: Copy link from the LS Enrichment flow that you integration manager help to setup, and paste URL.

Other items to consider:

Your very first enrichment will most likely be a large record. So, you may want to consider creating a segment so that when this flow runs in 90 days, you do not consume all your Hubspot API. Please note, Hubspot's API is processed in bulk, every 200 records are one API call.

A few ways to create this segment:

1) When uploading the file, please make sure there is a date populated in the 'LSUpdated.' It is best to scatter them, so they are not all the same date, but rather 40,000 (=200 API calls) at a time depending on how large your dataset is.

2) Create a segment based on industry, level, or department and send each industry, level, or dept at a time until all are caught up.





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