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Salesforce: Pushing Leadspace Company data from Contacts to Accounts

As a native part of our enrichment process, you may want to enrich your contacts, as well as leads, with Leadspace data. Moreover, it is often very useful to then push the Contact’s company data that was provided by Leadspace to the Account record, so you may constantly have a fresh data set on your account object.

However, updating SFDC accounts may not be done via any external API service (Marketing Automation, custom API service). The following tutorial will assist you automating the process of pushing the company data found for the Contact, to the Account record.

Our recommended setup would be to only update LS fields on the Account object with LS fields from the Contact object. It is rarely wise to automatically overwrite Default Account fields, as these are commonly set to affect a wide range of processes, such as forecasting, assignment, and reporting. 

By using’s Process Builder, we will automate the sync from LS company data from Contact object to the Account object.


  1. Open Process Builder, and create a new flow that is invoked by Contact edited:


  1. Set up criteria, to ensure the process is only invoked when the Contact was verified (LS Verified is changed and equals "Verified), and the key Leadspace fields were populated:


  1. Setting up the actions - once the criteria is met, we would reference an automated field sync between the contact we started the flow with, to the account entity





  1. Lastly, choose the fields you wish to update



Set multiple rows for multiple field updates


Click “Save”, and “Activate” and you are set. Data will now flow from enriched contacts to their respective accounts.

The Final setup should look like the one below


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