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Leadspace for Salesforce: LS Logs

For each sync definition you run, Leadspace generates an error log. You can view these error logs under the LS Logs tab in Leadspace Audience Sync.


If your sync definition ran into an error, Error Time will be populated with the time the error occurred, and Description will be populated with a brief description of the error. If there was no error, Error Time will be blank, as in the error log above.

How Do I Enable Error Logs?

In Leadspace Audience Sync, navigate to Settings -> Configurations -> Enable Logs. You should now see a new tab called LS Logs in the app.

Common Errors

Error Log Description


Leadspace Record Status: bad value for restricted picklist field: (value here)

Your picklist values don't align with Leadspace's picklist values for a field, and therefore Leadspace could not push the specified value into that field.

FIELD_CUSTOM_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION, Please populate a (field name) on the account and/or lead being converted

A required field is blank on your record, therefore your record could not be sent through for enrichment.




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