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Salesforce: Lead-to-Account Matching Data Activation Flow

Use Cases

What if inbound leads that come in are already be tied to an account that is already in your database? Or what if the entry for the company the lead inputted is in a slightly different format (ex: Concur vs Concur Inc.)? If any of these leads come in, you may want them to be ‘fast-tracked’ since the lead expressed interest and the account owner should reach out ASAP.

Also, in (SFDC), the account and lead object are not linked, making it difficult to identify on either the lead or account page if there is an associated company for this lead.

What Triggers the flow?

LSID Changes = TRUE

LSID is NOT Null

Matched Account (new custom field created) is NULL


With Leadspace’s Lead to Account Matching flow, this allows our customers to automatically associate a new inbound lead with an account that currently exists in your database of leads and contacts. This, in turn, will allow for quick engagement and the potential for conversion. The account owner will also be able to see all the related leads on the account page as well.

How it works:

Leadspace will look at the Enriched Company LSID on the lead record and try to find a matching account in your database. If a match is found, Leadspace will append the company name to a field called ‘Matched Account’ on the lead page.


At the same time, the leads will also be listed on the account page in the related list.


  1. admin access.
  2. Full integration of Leadspace SLM (Site Level Matching) fields.
  3. Recommended: Automation of account enrichment, or a quarterly or bi-annually refresh cadence for manual imports. This way data will be always up to date.


There are many benefits to having the Lead to Account Flow.

  • Identifies the associated accounts to accounts that are already in your database
  • Inputs that are different from your database will be automatically linked. This provides data cleanliness for your database.
  • Time savings for your account owners by providing them the opportunity to reach out to
  • leads right away for accounts they are already working on.

If you would like to learn about reports to use please reference Lead to Account Matching Reports article for more details.

If you would like more information about setting up this flow, please reach out to and we will be happy set up a call and discuss your needs.


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