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Salesforce: Lead to Account Reports


After implementing the Lead-to-Account Matching flow, you can now create reports that showcases the Leads that have a Matched Accounts associated to them.

First you will need to go to Setup

Search for 'Report Type' in the Quick Find > Create New

Primary Object: Leads

Name: Leads with Matching Accounts

Description: Cross Referenced Lead and Matched Accounts

Category: Leads (or a custom folder)

No inner or outer join


Edit Layout

Add fields related via the lookup, we recommending 'Select All' so you have all the LS fields to use in your report

Building the Report

This report will show all the accounts and the associated leads with it. This allows you to see the related list that you see on the account level in one report. You can group and/or filter the report to your liking.

1) Create a Lead Report:


2) Under the Customize Section:

Format: Summary

Group By: Matched Account


Lead Owner: Group By Lead Owner first then the Matched Account. This way for each Sales Rep you can see the Matched Accounts associated

Show: All Leads or My Leads. My Leads can help your Sales Rep to see the Leads they own.

Filter: Matched Account is NOT Blank.


Lead Type: Prospect (as oppose to Partners or other Lead Types you may have)

Lead Status: Do not want to see ones that are in 'Sales Accepted' (as an example) or only ones that are in 'Marketing Qualified'.

Country: Perhaps you only want to see leads that are in US

Lead Source: May want to only focus the ones that Leadspace sent or ones that came thru a recent event

Date: Current FY or Current Quarter (or all time to see historical)

Show: My Accounts (so each rep can see accounts they own) or 'All Accounts' to see the full list.


Recommendation for columns:

First Name

Last Name


Company/Account: This way you can see all accounts that could are part of that company (ex: leads that work for Amazon Web Services will be under the Amazon Company/Account)

Lead Source



Lead Source

Lead Type

Lead Status

LS Company Revenue Range

LS Company Size Range

Scoring Fields (if you have Persona or Predictive Scoring with Leadspace)

4) OPTIONAL: Add a Chart

You can also add a chart to see the distribution of these accounts by Sales Rep. This may help to see if the 'Named Accounts' are evenly spread out amongst the team.




If you would like more information about setting up this flow, please reach out to and we will be happy set up a call and discuss your needs.





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