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Salesforce: Match Rate Reports


After you have implemented Leadspace, it may be helpful to create reports that show the percentages for Leadspace picklist fields

Building the Report

This report will show the percentages for the different Leadspace picklist fields

1) Create either an Account, Contact, or Lead Report (may want to do for a combination of all 3 objects)

2) Under the Customize Section:

Format: Summary

Group By: For this report example we will group by 'LS Verified' 

Show: Hide Details

Filter: None

Date: Current FY or Current Quarter (or all time to see historical)

Show: All Accounts/Leads/Contact (so you can see percentage of each LS Verified bucket)


Add a Formula:

Column Name: Match Rate LS Verified

Select 'Group 1: LS Verified


This will then show the percentage of each LS Verified type.

4) Add a Chart

You can also add a chart to see the percentage in a graph form. This may help to have a visual on the different buckets:




Other fields to build report on

LS Industry

LS Size Range

LS Revenue Range

LS Status

LS Email Verification

(Any of the Leadspace picklist fields can be a candidate for this report)


After the reports are build, we recommend adding all the charts onto a dashboard, this way you can see all the reports in one dashboard and as new data or changes to the data occurs to these Leadspace fields, the dashboard will be reflected with the changes.

If you would like more information about setting up this flow, please reach out to and we will be happy set up a call and discuss your needs.

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