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Salesforce: How to Append Leadspace Data to Blank Field in Process Builder


This flow allows Leadspace to enhance your current database records. Often times your standard fields are used for segmentation, routing, etc. so it is very important for those fields to be populated. With the Update when Blank flow this will allow for data to be updated to your standard fields only when blank. This will also help keeps your Marketing Automation and CRM data in sync if an integration is in place

How do you set up this flow in Salesforce?

The following tutorial shows how to use's process builder to automatically append Leadspace data to default fields.

Go to Setup > Create > Workflow & Approvals > Process Builder

1. Start a new process:

Process Name: LS Update when Blank - <Object> (this way it's easy to differentiate which object we are working with. NOTE: You will need to create a flow for each object (ex: Leads, Contacts, Accounts)

Description: Give a description (OPTIONAL)

The process starts when: 'A record changes'

2. Select Object: In this example we will be do the Lead object (select Account or Contact if you are updating when blank for those objects instead

Start the process: 'when a record is created or edited'


3.Add a Criteria: 

For Contact and Lead, we recommend the following filters:

LS Verified is Changed Boolean 'TRUE'

LS Verified is NOT EQUAL 'String' Moved

Add the field and the LS field corresponding to it (ex: Title (standard field) and LS Lead Title).

Title is Null TRUE

LS Lead Title is NULL FALSE

Set criteria for the standard field to IS NULL and the LS field to IS NOT NULL.



Customize Logic:

((1 AND 2) AND (3 AND 4) OR (5 AND 6)...))

Add more OR if you have more fields you are updating.

For Account object:

LSID is Changed Boolean 'TRUE'

LSID is Null 'False'

Same as above, add field and the LS field corresponding to it (ex: Employees (standard field) and LS Company Size - Exact).

Employees is Null TRUE

LS Company Size - Exact is NULL FALSE

4. Under 'IMMEDIATE ACTIONS' > add action

Action Type: Update Records

Action Name: Update <Field updating> (Example Update Title)

Record Type: select update records, choose the record that started the process.


5. Criteria for Updating Records:

Select: 'Updated records meet all conditions'

Set the standard field that is being update as 'Is Null' = TRUE and the LS custom field to 'Is Null' = False

Set new field values for the records you update

Standard field...Type = 'Field Reference' -- Value 'LS Equivalent field'

Example for updating Title



6. Repeat Action steps for every field. Please make sure to have the fields you are update in both the criteria and have the action set for each. 

**For those that are picklists field types, please check with your CSMs to make sure their is Value Mapping is set up so that the fields that Leadspace is sending values that are matching your values and the flow will work properly.

7. Activate the Process.

8. Repeat all steps above for each object (ex: Leads, Contacts, Accounts). 

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