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SalesForce: Parent Account Tagging Report


After implementing the Parent Account Tagging flow, you can now create reports that showcases the Accounts that have a Parent Account associated to them.

Building the Report

This report will show all the Parent Accounts and any associated Child Accounts with it. This allows you to see the hierarchies that you see in the Account 'View Hierarchy' in one report. You can group and/or filter the report to your liking.

1) Create an Account Report: 

2) Under the Customize Section:

Format: Summary

Group By: 'Parent Account' then by 'Account Name' this will give you a list of all the Accounts associated to the Parent Account.

*Please Note*: This will NOT show secondary hierarchies so all associated accounts will be under one parent account.

For example:

Alexa is a child of Amazon Web Services(AWS) and AWS is a child of Amazon. In the report, both Alexa (plus any 'siblings' they may have) and AWS will be under the Amazon account. To see the full relationship, you will need to navigate to the Account and click on the 'View Hierarchy'.


Lead Owner: Group By Lead Owner first then the Matched Account. This way for each Sales Rep you can see who owns the account. You may want to consider the same Sales Rep who owns the parent also own the child accounts as that relationship can be helpful.


Filter: Parent Account is NOT Blank. 


Type: Prospects (as oppose to Partners or other Lead Types you may have)

Account Status

Country: Perhaps you only want to see leads that are in US

Any of the LS Scores: May want to only focus the ones that have a score higher than 75 so your reps can focus on the high scoring accounts.

Date: Current FY or Current Quarter (or all time to see historical)

Show: My Accounts (so each rep can see accounts they own) or 'All Accounts' to see the full list.


Recommendation for columns:

Account Owner


Country or State

LS Company Revenue Range

LS Company Size Range

Scoring Fields (if you have Persona or Predictive Scoring with Leadspace)

*PLEASE NOTE*: To see just the list of Accounts for each Parent Account, under 'Show' > Hide Details

4) OPTIONAL: Add a Chart

You can also add a chart to see the number of Child Accounts per Parent. This may help to see:

1) Which account has the most child accounts and where the low hanging fruits are.

2) If the correct Sales Rep is associated to the Child Accounts.


If you would like more information about setting up this flow, please reach out to and we will be happy set up a call and discuss your needs.

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