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Salesforce - 'Individual' Standard Object

In light of GDPR update, Salesforce is releasing a new standard object called ‘Individual’ which will include ‘fields for storing data privacy preferences in data privacy records. These records are associated with your company’s leads, contacts, or person accounts in Salesforce. Although data privacy records let you track and store certain data privacy preferences, it’s up to you to determine how to honor those preferences. And if your company has special policies with which you comply, you can add your own custom fields to the Individual object.’

More information, please see SFDC Release Notes on 'Individual' object

What does this mean for Leadspace fields?

If you choose to enable this new object, there is no impact to the Leadspace data. Leadspace will continue to utilize the Lead, Contact, and Account objects. Integrations with your Marketing Automation platform will continue to work as expected as well as well as any flows that are implemented.

What if I want to utilize Leadspace data on the new ‘Individual’ object?

We can create flows that will provide a linkage so that you can have all your Leads and Contacts funnel through to this new standard object. We will do this by creating a flow (using the flow and process builder inside SFDC), utilizing the LSID and use the LS Lead LinkedIn URL for the matching. This will create the relationship between the person object to the related standard Lead and/or Contact object. The benefit is you will have all person related content all under one object.

If you would like more information about setting up this flow, please reach out to, and we will be happy to set up a call.

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