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Salesforce: Common Sync Definitions

This article will provide and explain several common LS for SF Sync Definitions and their use cases.


Accounts specific definitions:

  1. LSID => "does not equal" => ""
    Use case: re-enriches all accounts previously enriched by Leadspace.  Note that this is the sync definition you will want to use for all DB refreshes.

  2. LSID => "does not equal" => ""
    LSID => "equals" => ""
    Use case: enriches and re-enriches all accounts in CRM, regardless if it was enriched by Leadspace previously.2018-10-12_10_35_16-Salesforce_-_Developer_Edition.png


Contact/Lead specific definitions:

  1. "Last Modified Date" => "less than" => <specified date> 
    Use case: enriches all contacts/leads that were NOT modified within the specified time period.  This ensures any contacts/leads that are currently being worked on by a rep will avoid re-assignment if new Leadspace data is appended to any fields used in assignment rules.2018-10-12_10_36_25-Salesforce_-_Developer_Edition.png


General (all record) definitions:

  1. "Created Date" => "greater than" => <specified date>
    Use case: enriches all records created after a specified date

  2. "Created Date" => "greater than" => <specified date>

    "Created Date" => "less than" => <specified date>
    Use case: enriches all records created between a specified time period

  3. "Leadspace Error Message" => "equals" => "Insufficient Credits" (or any other error reason)
    Use case: enriches any records that were not enriched due to lack of credits (or any other error reason)

  4. "Last Leadspace Activity Date" => "less than" => <specified date> 
    Use case: re-enriches all records that were enriched via the Salesforce Connect app before a specified period of time.2018-10-12_10_38_39-Salesforce_-_Developer_Edition.png

  5. "Related bulk ID" => "equals" => <paste Sync Activity Bulk ID>
    Use case: If one of your Sync Activity Bulks fails enrichment during a Sync job, you can re-run that specific Bulk by filtering on its Related bulk ID and re-sending it through the enrichment app.


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