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Salesforce: Implementing Moved Flow for Leads/Contacts


This is a step-by-step guide on how to implement the moved flow inside your Salesforce instance.

The flow we will be building will follow the below diagram:


To review the the use case and benefits of the moved flow please see: Moved Lead/Contact Flow Use Case.


1) You must have the System Administrator Profile on your user or a profile that has the ability to access the 'Process Builder' functionality.


**We will be creating the Moved Contact flow in the example below, you will need to create another process builder with the same setup for the Lead object.

1) Navigate to Setup > In the Quick Find search for 'Process Builder'

2) Create New.

  • Name: "LS Contact Flow"
  • Description: Add a description if you'd like
  • The process starts when: Select 'A record changes'

 3) Once Saved, select Object

  • Object: Contact
  • Start the process: Select 'when a record is created or edited'

 4) Now we will add criteria or filters that will trigger this flow. The first will be when LS Company is found (where Leadspace was able to find where the Contact moved to).

  • Name: Contact Moved - Company Found
  • Criteria for Executing Actions: Select 'Conditions are met'
  • Set Conditions:
    • LS Verified (or LS Person Verification Status) Is Changed 'TRUE'
    • LS Verified (or LS Person Verification Status) EQUALS 'Moved'
    • LS Company Is Null 'FALSE'
    • LS Company Is Changed 'TRUE'
  • Conditions: Select 'All of the conditions are met (AND)'


We will have three actions: Create a new lead, update existing Contact Record, and Creating a trigger.

A) 1st Create a New Lead

Action Type: Create New Record

Action Name: Create Lead

Record Type: Lead

Set Field Values:

Field Type Value Comment
Company Field Reference LS Company Populate with the new company that LS identified.
Last Name Field Reference Last Name  
First Name Field Reference First Name   
Lead Source Picklist Leadspace If you do not have this picklist value, I would create a value for 'Leadspace'
Email Formula "[Lead].FirstName"&"."&"[Lead].LastName"&"" We need to have a placeholder for Email as MA usually requires an email. We can create a separate flow to overwrite these if needed.
Status Picklist Open (or New)  
Notes Formula "Lead created from a moved Contact. Old Lead record"&[Lead].Id This is so the rep can reference the old record, can also add old email or other information.


*If there are other require fields that your Salesforce instance needs you can add additional ones.


B) Update Existing Contact

Action Type: Update Records

Action Name: Update Existing Contact

Record Type: Contact

Criteria for Updating Records: 'No criteria—just update the records!' 

Set new field values for the records you update:

**These are a few options that are common to update.

Field Type Value Comment
Contact Status Picklist (or Text) Disqualified  
Disqualified Reason Picklist (or Text) No Longer with Company We've seen 'No Longer with Company' as a separate checkbox field as well.
Title Formula [Lead].Title&" - No Longer With Company" This way you know what the original title, but you have No Longer with Company to indicate they have moved.


*If there are other fields that will help your team know this contact is moved feel free to add more fields to update.

Here is a sample:

C) Create an Alert:

There are a few ways to create an alert depending on how your team operates:

i) Post to Chatter: This will post a chatter feed on the record itself. You can modify the messaging, notify the owner of the Account or Lead/Contact.


Attn @[{![Account].Success_Manager_one__r.Id}] & @[{![Account].OwnerId}]

Contact has moved, a new lead has been created.

ii) Email Alerts: You will need to make create an email template first. To do this you will need to go back to the Setup screen (please make sure the same the flow if you are navigating away from the Process Builder flow in the same browser tab). In the 'Quick Find' search for 'Email Templates'

Create a Email Template with the messaging you would like. Back to the process builder you would Select 

Action Type: Email Alerts

Action Name: Create a Name (ex: Email for Contact Moved)

Email Alert: Select the email template you just created.


iii) Create a Task

If you team utilizes the Task functionality, you can create a task to have the owner follow up with that lead or contact.

Select: Create a Record

Action Name: Input a Name (ex: Task for Contact Owner)

Record Type: Task

Set Field Values:


Field Type Value Comment
Assigned to ID Field Reference [Contact].Owner.Id This will alert the owner of the Contact, can do owner of the Account as well.
Priority Picklist <Select Priority>  
Status Picklist <Select Status>  
Due Date Formula TODAY()+5 5 Days to follow up.

Example of a Task:


6) Select the next Diamond Criteria shape. This time the filters will be when LS Company is NOT found (where Leadspace was NOT able to find where the Contact moved to).

Criteria Name: Contact Moved - New Company NOT Found

Criteria for Executing Actions: Conditions are met

Set Conditions:

  • Name: Contact Moved - Company Not Found
  • Criteria for Executing Actions: Select 'Conditions are met'
  • Set Conditions
    • LS Verified (or LS Person Verification Status) Is Changed 'TRUE'
    • LS Verified (or LS Person Verification Status) EQUALS 'Moved'
    • LS Company Is Changed 'FALSE'
    • LS Company is Null 'TRUE'
  • Conditions: Customize Logic
    • 1 AND 2 AND (3 OR 4)

7) Add Action

  • Repeat Step 4b and 4c from above. 

You will repeat this flow for the Moved Lead flow except the starting object in 2 and 3 will be Leads as oppose to Contacts.

Also, please make sure you have a smart campaign within your Marketing Automation system to re-enrich the leads with new 

If you would like more information or have questions about setting up this flow, please reach out to and we will be happy set up a call.



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